Your auto glass windshield is made up of two layers of glass with a safety laminate bonded between the layers. When an object strikes your windshield it causes a pitt on the outside layer of the windshield. The cracks or shell you see are one the inside of the top layer of glass where it meets the safety laminate. The cracks or shell create a separation in the glass causing an empty pocket which in turn is filled with air . As we know air has moisture in it. We must remove the air and moisture with suction and fill the empty cavity with a optically clear liquid resin under pressure. Once the damaged area has been properly filled we will cure the liquid resin to a solid state totally filling the empty space which will bring back the integral strength of your windshield.The pitt of glass that you feel with your finger when rubbed across will be filled and polished smooth to the touch. Although the process is impressive it is not magic . The cracks have now closed tight and all remains is a microscopic thin line barely visible. Although many companies say they can fix a chip damaged windshield the size of a dollar bill ,I do not recommend anything larger than a twenty five cent piece or half dollar at most. Your repair is guranteed to not spread or your money back.  




  A repair only shop compared to a replacement / repair shop. A repair shops only way to make money is to repair the chip damaged windshield . If the repairs do not come out good we cannot stay in business. A replacement repair shop if they come out and do the repair and it doesnt come out good it will make you think the technology doesnt work and next time you will let it run and replace it. A repair only shops customers are his most important customers, that is thier only means of income. A replacement shop makes a lot more money on replacing rather than repair. So if a more lucrative replacement comes in they will call and say the machine broke and put your job off. At CHARLIES CHIP REPAIR EVERY REPAIR IS THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB WE DO. 

I started in the windshield auto glass replacemnt industry in 1984 with a North Jersey company who is still in business today. They were one of the early pioneers of the mobile replacement industry in the eighties. In 1994  I left the company with a top installer and we formed our own auto glass replacement company . That is where I first became involved in the windshield stone chip repair. While running the office i did the in shop repairs. In 2003 we sold the company which is still in business today. I then opened a mobile windshield chip repair company with me as the sole employee until 2013. I tried retirement it was not for me so i now opened Charlie's Windshield Stone Chip Repair L.L.C. I strive to provide my customers with superior service and professional experienced workmanship. I am honest,dependable and experienced and i want to provide you the service you deserve and pay for. Remember all calls and jobs are preformed by the owner.